A History Of The Firm
Content Development, Book Design, Book Development for ePub, Kindle and Print.

Peter Bosch Photography
Logo Development, Website Design, Site Development, Programming

Promotag Global Real Estate Investments
Content Development, Website Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Wolf Maison Architecture and Design
Logo Development, Website Design, Site Development, Programming

Logo Development, Retail Website Design, Database Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

American Guaranty & Trust
Product Marketing System, Content Development, Concept, Design

Credit Renaissance
Logo Development, Branding Standards, Marketing Presentation, Stationery Design

Marketing and Sales Materials Design

Mission, Values and Professional Responsibilities
Content Development, Design, Printing


Roman Filanovsky Design Partners is a Brooklyn based design firm serving clients in the New York City area. We design brand identity systems, communication strategies, visual concepts, magazines, books, catalogs, websites and mobile applications. We develop visual identities, design strategy, and content.

We consult clients on transforming awkward interfaces into intuitive ones, or dull user experiences into engaging ones. We lead organizations, executives, and teams through a journey of creative development. Our success only comes after the success of our clients.